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We are professional outdoor lighting manufacturer & exporter from Turkey (Ankara). I am mailing you to give a brief about our company. We export customized great solutions for both residential and urban areas with High Efficiency Constant Current drivers. We specialize effective and sustainable quality products to international markets. Besides we have objectives and principles to ensure "Reliable Products” manufacturing, as well as achieving good quality for all our products and processes using latest technology CNC machining centres, plastic extrusion machines, as well as high accuracy universal machine tools. (through software, engineering, physical tests and laboratory analysis)
PEMKA INSTALLATION was established in 1994 and has become a company that develops itself day by day, strengthens the team, and takes the leader of discipline and quality. Turkey is doing in the mounting toll of several leading companies in the sector in 24 years and has become a leader in its field.
The level of consciousness increased customers changes of demands and expectations to make necessary to continuous improvement of the product development and services. Since 2006 our company in conscious way of original service offering solutions of business needs with up to date technology, expertise in the sector and work experience. Assessment of demands and expectations in the sector with professional manner, experience to improve customer satisfactions creative and innovative way. Because of this, our institution has been recognized very soon and become and example. Since its inception; fast, reliable, universal standards and professional service covers all around the Turkey very quickly. OGS confidently and continuously improve our domestic and abroad success to become a global company. OGS become company that focus on customers expectation and services with energetic, dynamic, responsible and effective employees using up the date technology. We are aware of changes in customer needs. Our flexible structure allows us to create innovative solutions that base on customers' needs. Products that trigger of customers creative thoughts, opportunity of freely choices are make us diffrent.
Founded in 2007, YILDIZLED has been the leading designer and manufacturer in LED outdoor and indoor lighting industry in Turkey. We have developed a series of modular LED lighting products including street lights, high bay lights, tunnel lights, flood/spot lights, garden lights,recessed luminarie, , which are CE, ENEC,ISO 9001, TSE, and RoHS approved. Our products have been known for quality, reliability and solid performance in both domestic and world's market. Inaddition to product & manufacturing strength, flexible designs for a broad range of applications, customized solutions and best customer services make us stand out from the competition. YILDIZLED team are committed to not only providing lights, but also bringing innovative and sustainable solutions for tomorrow's world. We believe that we will accomplish our mission-LIGHT UP THE ROADS TO THE FUTURE.
Founded in 2003 in Ankara, Isin Manufacturing, Lighting, Logistics, Food Ltd. Co. has become one of the leading brands of the sector by growing in a short time with its dynamic structure. The company, which has been operating with unconditional customer satisfaction principle since its establishment, has demonstrated that it deserves this satisfaction and trust with the unlimited effort that it shows in the production phase and after sales services. Although the main items of the product portfolio are lighting poles with polygonal and circular cross section, projector poles with protected stairs and portable ladders, projector poles with standard elevators and human elevators, stadium lighting poles, flagpoles with external and internal rope, elevated flagpoles, overhead pole posts, GSM poles, poles for city surveillance cameras, lightning rods, loudspeaker, camera poles, advertising columns any kind of special projects and production can also be realized depending on customer’s demand. In line with the increase in demand for decorative poles, the company established Bofas manufacturing company in 2007 and put into operation the leading electrostatic powder coating plant in Turkey. Thanks to these investments, Isin Lighting has become the leader of the sector in Turkey, with many alternatives such as decorative polygonal poles, pipe poles, decorative aluminum poles and stainless steel poles in addition to the standard polygonal poles, it offers the services of a modern urban architecture. Isin Lighting has become a well-known brand not only in Turkey but also abroad because of the importance it gives to investments and exports. Our company is raising the flag of our country day by day with the exports to Central Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. With its dynamic and innovative structure, the company is proud of making its name in a short time abroad as it is in the country.
Na-De Elektronik San. & Tic. A.S is one of the leaders in the Home Lighting System and Intercom system in Turkey and has been manufacturing numerous types of automation and communication products with the greatest pride for the domestic and international markets since 70’s. Na-De has now reached to 47 years of experience in automation and communication sector by increasing its knowledge in technology and in quality every passing year. The company manufactures and markets motion sensors, led sensorlight, led downlight, timelag switches , door openers, door bells, bell button panels, bell transformers, fire alarm systems and video&audio; door phones.
As Alila LED Lighting Technologies, we have adopted the principles of energy efficiency and international quality standards with our 75 years of experience. We are trying to introduce the world our understanding of energy efficient production and services with sustainable goals. We are constantly strengthening our position in local and global markets with our indoor, outdoor and industrial LED lighting solutions designed and manufactured in our 3500 square meter factory. Our technological, innovative, strategic, economic and competitive vision finds value with our custom made products and make us achieve brand new successes. Our strong bond with our employees and service quality which connects the production and future together form the keystone of our reliable identity.
Our Target to Provide High quality LED lighting products, Keep developing and introducing new products based on the fast improving LED technology. LED Lighting still in the initial stages and no international Standards to organize this new industry. We started developing our own procedures and standards to be able to built high quality LED Lighting product. During the first 3 years we tested too many products and communicate with too many LED raw materials suppliers and invented our own standards and procedures. At the begging of 2013 we launch our Spot light with (3 levels) which has been very successful comparing with the biggest famous brands (BULLMANN from Germany, GE (china), OSRAM (China), Philips (China), Toshiba) the result was exceeding our expectation, More product had been developed & launched after that like (downright, LED tube, bulb)
AIMTECH, founded in 2013 with the scholarship by government R&D programme, is a tech company mastered upon design and manufacture of intelligent indoor and outdoor LED luminaries, mega LED video walls and control systems for LED luminaries. AIMTECH offers innovative and alternative solutions for lighting design, architecture and engineering firms with its proven quality and high reliability products related to LED lighting technologies. Located at METU TechnoPark Ostim Campus, AIMTECH continues design and manufacturing services by the engineering team with over ten years of experience on design, manufacture and project management of LED lighting systems. With entrepreneurial attitude and unique designs of LED luminaries, electronic sub-components of LED luminaries and project management capabilities, AIMTECH became a good candidate for creating unforgettable lighting experiences for entertainment and architectural markets. AIMTECH will continue to keep customers happy and make itself known by high levels of customer satisfaction by providing service and production at worldwide standards in the field of electronics design, LED lighting solutions and project management services.
Our company which started its activities in the year 1988 presents technology, automation and energy production and saving solutions on the areas need by the world and by our country with its 180 specialized personnel on 28.000 square meters area in total as 11.000 m2 is closed at present. ENDUSTRIYEL (Industrial) which exports 65% of its production reached totally sixty one (61) countries until today and started producing some very successful works and solutions in its own sector by means of exceeding the boundaries of our country.
While EMCI Industry is a company that provides service on a total area of ​​1000 square meters, open and closed, in the year it was established, it continues to serve with 4000 m2 closed and 5000 m2 open area and production innovation at this point. EMCI, which has an annual production capacity of 300 tons when it was established, has increased to an annual production capacity of 3200 tons and has increased its production variety and quality with its electrostatic powder coating facility. We also follow the technological developments closely and direct the sector. As EMCI ; PTS Pole Overhead Tag Pole Plate Recognition System Pole Signpost T Type Signpost N Type Signpost M Type Signpost Tedes Pole EDS L Type Steering Column Wimex Pole VTS Pole VMS Mast Traffic Signaling Pole Pier Lighthouse Pole Turkmenistan Lighting Pole Iraq Lighting Pole We are able to perform a lot of direct production.
CW ENERJI MUH. TIC. VE SAN. A.S. , established in 2010, is a manufacturer and service company in the photovoltaic power generation sector. Cw Enerji serves solar power plant investment and technical consulting, projecting, system design, power plant installations, licensing and operation, as well as licensed and unlicensed production regulations in relation to solar power plants projects planning, designing, financing, implementation and general maintenance matters. Apart from industrial installations, it also offers solution for domestic and home roofing solar panel systems installation. CW ENERJI MUH. TIC. VE SAN. A.S. with the brand “Cw Enerji” and with the powerful partnerships in Far Asia and Germany; carries out photovoltaic panel production. Services include On-Grid Systems, Off-Grid Systems, Solar Energy Irrigation Systems, LED Lighting Systems, Solar Energy Camera Systems, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations also Turnkey Projects are avaliable. Our priority mission is a conception that does not compromise on quality and customer satisfaction. Wherever the sun is shining, we will be pleased to see you!
Founded in 1990 TAN TORNA started its business as a spare part manufacturer. In 2000, however, the company entered the business of lighting under the new company name of TAN TORNA VE AYDINLATMA which launched the brand of TANLIGHT in order to address the needs of corporate and individual customers, and since then customer satisfaction has been guiding our way of doing business. Our wide ranging products can be used in various locations such as shopping malls, hospitals, stores, factories, educational institutions, museums, and state of the art offices. With a team of 20 people, our company produces about 150 products and also meets the special needs of our customers in terms of lighting. Our business motto is “All you have to do is request! We will do it for you…” Our team members include electrical engineers too so thanks to this powerful team, TANLIGHT carries out lighting projects in the construction sector too.
Alfamaks Electronics Inc. It was established in Turkey so far 'priority is quality and customer satisfaction continued to grow with the principle. our company still manufactures world class electronic devices in its factory which has modern technology in 5000 square meters area. Our company is exporting its products to many countries of the world with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction. The products we produce are; -EN54 Addressable fire alarm systems -EN54 Conventional Fire Alarm Systems -CE standards Emergency Routing and Lighting Systems -CE standards nurse call systems - CE standards Sequential call systems With the goal of finding new customers all over the world, our company is working to increase the quality and variety of products.
LEDOVA Lighting is an OVA Group company that is specialized in the design, manufacture and sales of indoor and outdoor lighting products.and customer-oriented products are being developed and offered to the customers. During years 2017 and 2018, more than 550 projects were being illuminated by Ledova Lighting products.LEDOVA Lighting has been a stable, reliable and innovative brand of lighting industry with successful and ongoing projects. Our main goal is to achieve success in international big projects in terms of maintaining customer satisfaction at the highest level. The Company has succeeded to become the rising star of the lighting sector in conjunction with its experiences in projects being realized as well as its R&D superb service apprehension. With its experienced and dynamic workforce in its own sustainable success for its breakthroughs in international areas with its continuously renewing technical infrastructure.